Unifor Local 72M is a Local union of Unifor Canada, headed by Steve Pinchuk. 

Local 72M’s revenue is obtained as a rebate from the wages of the employees of TVO & TFO. The objectives of Local 72M are stated in the Local Bylaws. It is the main objective of the Executive Board to use Local funds to further the interests of the Local and its membership, maintain a sense of community with members, and protect and defend the rights of its members. In view of the parent-body relationship with Unifor and affiliation with other labour organizations such as the OFL and CLC, the Local shall consider requests for involvement in labour-related activities.  Other special charitable projects — like scholarships or other such funds — may be supported.

        Steve Pinchuk                Jennifer Jewell                   Florence Yu                Greg Marshall                 President TVO                Secretary TVO                  Treasurer TVO       Steward-Group 5 TVO


      Steve Thomas                   Rad Gagovic                  Jeff Kucera                                         Steward-Group 6 TVO   Steward-Group 1 TVO   Steward-Group 7 TVO    Steward-Group 2 TVO


   Alfred St-Aubin                Marsha Roc                       Ron Turchet                  Rebecca Scher         Vice President TFO       Steward-Group 11 TFO   Steward-Group 8 TVO   Steward-Group 4 TVO


  Jonathan Demers                   Alain Poulin                     Virginie Oger                                          Steward-Group 10 TFO    Steward-Group 10 TFO   Steward-Group 12 TFO